April 8, 2016

Closp 0.1.28 and closp-crud 0.2.0 Release


A leiningen template combining several useful libraries for clojure and clojurescript web development: https://github.com/sveri/closp

Due to the work on a graphical interface for closp-crud there is a breaking change:
Every selmer template has add the templates folder now like this:

{% extends "templates/base.html" %}


A clojure library to generate CRUD files for database operations: https://github.com/sveri/closp-crud

Breaking Change

I completely threw away the idea of using UUIDs as database identifiers. I thought long and hard about that and finally came to the conclusion that the net gain was not worth the confusion it brought.
So instead closp-crud generates the database table as defined in the entity definition.

Other Changes

  • Closp-crud switched from providing core.typed annotations to using plumatic schema instead.
  • Fixed some bugs
Tags: clojure closp clojurescript