June 7, 2015

Closp Release 0.1.15

I did two releases of https://github.com/sveri/closp in the last week, the second one being more of a bug fix release. The goal of the last changes was to eliminate some libraries like piggieback and get a cleaner figwheel experience.
While I was doing that I also updated to clojure 1.70-RC1 and added a very small reader conditionals example while removing the cljx support.

Figwheel needs to be started in a separate REPL now. However, if one needs, I guess, one could still start it in the REPL process inside the IDE where the main process is running.

I am still thinking about moving closp to luminus, but just do not have the time for a major change like this right now, so, we will see :-)

Tags: clojure closp clojurescript