May 21, 2015

Tetris in clojurescript and re-frame Part 1 - Introduction


In the last few weeks I took some time to code tetris with clojurescript and re-frame following this guide: Tetris in HTML5 for noobs.
I will write a small series following the same pattern showing how it is done in cljs. What I will not do is explain basic things like the original author did, but instead focus more on the differences between javascript and clojurescript.

For every beginner I recommend following Drews tutorial as he is more in depth about the basics of everything.

A big thanks to the original author Drew Buck that got showed how to make tetris work with the HTML 5 canvas feature!


I have done this as part of a bigger project which you can find here: omtet.
I will only mention a few source files in this tutorial, you can safely ignore the rest of it. The relevant files are these:

Tags: tetris clojuresrcipt