July 4, 2017

Gerhard Gundermanns product wrecker

One of my favorite songwriters gave a concert (Krams) where he was talking about consumption and production between two songs. I would like to translate that into english as I think it still hits the nerve and was very on the point even though he did that in the mid 90-ies.

There is always this guy here running around. I don't know if he came around already, I think he should be retired already. And he is always telling this story about how he united germany and is writing books about it. And now, its obvious he does not see through, but not only that, he does not understand anything.
As if in the politics the human being is important.
I learned in school, war is the continuation of politics by other means. So it is kind of natural that the politics is the continuation of economy by other means. And sometimes economy does not need different means, sometimes it works like that.
German unification was a pure technological process, nothing about politics. It's inherent in machines that they want to expand and in the middle of europe there was this iron curtain and the machines wanted to extend, but could not because of the curtain.
And on the other side there was a smaller machine system that was not working as well, it was not so well lubricated.
So on the one side there was this overpressure and on the other side the underinflation and the iron curtain was not made out of the best iron and its not been the newest one and some parts were rusty already and the first
that made it through were the used cars.
And they needed some special fuel so the garages became more and they had to go the regular reviews so the repair shops became more and more and when the used cars could not be used anymore, the car shops were on the rise.
And that's how it works, that's how the world becomes one. It's not about politics.

So if the human being is not part of politics, whats my role then? So I thought, lets start small. Whats my role in my car? My car weights about 1000 kg while I weight about 100 kg, so thats a relation of one to ten. From the 11 l you put into the car 10 are reserved for the car and only one is for me, so its not up to me to say: "I drive my car.". But why? I am allowed to ride along (in a pinchy voice).
And then it seems like the cars are living their own life. Obviously they have a plenary meeting three times a year. They meet on the freeway, Eastern, Whitsun and Christmas. Every car standing there, talking to each other and we sit inside and dont know why we are here.
So obviously I dont play that much of a role in my car. But where is the human being important still? In the manufacturing, was my first thought, but wait, the worker, the worker is not really working anymore. The worker serves the machines, waiter like, brings around some lube, cleans up the sawdust, scratches the back, so there is not that much to do anymore.

So, the only part he plays in this world, is the one of a product wrecker, this is what we are good at. But only as long until the fully automatic product wrecker machine is invented. And then we are not needed anymore.
Thats when the circle of consumption and production will be happening without us. And while I was thinking about this, I was at the bar, a glass of beer in my hand and so I was like, lets just practice this, how it would be if we dont get anything anymore. A training for the day after. Well, lets just tip the beer directly in the pot.
Lo and behold, it was marvellous, for everyone enlisted. The beer was able to reach the canalisation where it wants to go to and where it belongs, without much detour. The bartender was happy, because long after midnight I was still standing upright and paid my bill without much mutter and me, I had 20 beer this evening and did not feel sick at all.

German version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTSM_kcgw18

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